[18+] Who Killed Sara? (Season 1) Hindi (5.1 DD) [Dual Audio] All Episodes | WEB-DL 720p/ 480p

Who Killed Sara? S01 Hindi Complete 720p HDRip Dual Audio [ हिंदी 5.1 – Spanish ] The centrepiece of season 1 is the character Álex, a man who has served jail time for the murder of his sister Sara. However, he has maintained his innocence. The early premises show a boat party with hormonal teenagers; Sara innocently uses the parachute at the back of the boat — little did she know that the rope was tampered with, bringing an almighty fall to her death. As the Lazcano family were worried about the heir to the business, Álex was blamed. Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? brings a layered past and present, regrets and questionable choices that bestow each member of a wealthy family.

There are so many other similar series that labor the plot to an unbeatable degree with runtimes, but Who Killed Sara? even gets this right; running at a respectable 40-minutes, the mystery does not sag, it keeps pace, and the progress from the lead character feels like a smooth binge. A series that feels like a chore needs to stop and this production is a benchmark for writing sensibly and maintaining excitement.

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